- Ready To Have The Most Fun You've Ever Had Working Out? -
Uncover Exactly How To
get real, lasting results
...without getting bored, running on a treadmill to nowhere, and dieting until you starve. 
For 18 years, we've specialized in delivering lasting results - despite how many times you've tried before - while having so much fun, you forget you're even working out! 

Plus, experience the insane stress relief that comes with "beating the crap out of a heavy bag" after a long day at work!
Why Our Approach Is Radically Different...
We rock at weight loss. But... It’s important for you to know that we've built that reputation by doing things, well, not like the rest. 

You see, we believe that if you just “join another program cause you have to lose a few pounds”, and you’re bored out of your mind, you don’t enjoy it, it feels like it’s sucking the life out of you, or you flat out hate it – it’s just not going to stick.

You’ll soon quit, put all the weight back on – and usually a few pounds extra, just in case you ever try that again!

We don’t want that. And we believe that one of our keys to YOUR LONG TERM success – how our clients have managed to keep off the weight for YEARS – is by making the workouts incredibly FUN. 

Listen, life can be tough, and although we take losing weight seriously, we make the process ridiculously fun.

How fun?

One of the first thoughts that will go through your head after a class will be “holy smokes, class is already done? It went by in a flash!”

By designing our classes to be FUN first, we make weight loss stick long term.

Life is way too short to be dreading the process – now’s your chance to have a blast, beat the crap out of the heavy bag, and rid yourself of the excess fat once and for all.
Join The Family
We are beyond excited to welcome you to our family. Here, you aren't just a number, you're a member or the club, you're part of the Family. 

We look forward to growing with you through your journey of getting in the best shape of your life, quickly and at any age. 

Sara-Marie and Al
  Why Offer Two Free Weeks?

Talk is cheap. We believe the best way to understand what it means to be a member of Family Kickboxing 
is to experience it first hand. We’re happy to invite you to come to our club, meet our instructors, and participate in our classes—absolutely free of charge for the first two weeks. No obligation. No hidden fees.

We’re confident that, after your two weeks are up, you’ll see the beginning of your own transformation and continue with us to help you reach your goals.

To receive your Two Free Week coupon, simply enter your email in the form at the top of this page. 

The coupon will be emailed to you, along with instructions and a detailed FAQ.​ It is essential that you read this email in full. It covers everything from when can you start, what classes are best, what should you wear, where are we located, how much are memberships after your Two Free Weeks, what ages we have classes for, etc.

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